Is Online Poker More about Skill or Luck?


Poker Myths Revealed: The Truth Behind the Eyes


There is always a little truth in a lie. Poker facts get distorted over time. That is why I am here to shed some light about online poker, shedding some light on the real truth behind the game.




Some players feel they need to bluff their way through a good hand. A little bit of advertising is good, but your hand should not depend on it. A good hand relies on skill, luck, and a little bit of bluffing along the way. Too much bluffing and advertising is going to sink your battleship.


Confidence is Key


I am sure you have heard that before, but it bears repeating.


I am tough on all my students. I have been particularly tough on you because you have what it takes to make it in this business. The only thing you lack is confidence."

Teacher in BeverlyHills 90210


Professional sports players come to mind here. The reason why most professional players are successful is that they feel it. They feel they can do the same thing even when the chips are down. That is the strategy every poker player needs to have. However, you need to have a realistic approach to your strength.


Aggressive Behavior


Some players feel that you have to be very aggressive to win the pot. The goal is to be selective in your aggressive strategy. You need to pull the strings at the right time.


It is like playing poker with someone who is playing 3D chess. You need to have your ace in the hole and enough poker chips to take the house. Otherwise, the 3d chess strategy will win every time. To know more read on dominoqq.